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hey hey its your kinky Kassie reaching out to touch you again!!!

I want to talk today about doing phone sex!! Sounds pretty simple huh? Well, for the most part it is, but lets view phone sex a little differently then just picking up the phone and calling some random stranger when your super fucking horny!!! If you were hungry for example, would you just walk into the restaurant and sit down and expect the waitress to know what you wanted and to just bring it to you? I think not… you would want to maybe express to her what you were “hungry for” or ask her “what was good on the menu” or even what the “special of the day was” right? Well phone sex is a lot the same way, let me explain. I love talking to the men that call me, there are fun ones, funny ones, shy ones, grumpy ones, quick ones, and yes marathon men ones, lol, but all in all they are all calling me for the same thing….. TO GET OFF!! … just as much as the person that goes into a restaurant , they are one thing… HUNGRY!!!

The best way to be able to make the most out of your phone sex session with me, is to let me get to know your wants, your desires, your fantasies, what ever it is that has you so turned on your willing to dial my number and pay for a call with me!! You have to remember I do phone sex, I am not a physic and I want to make the best of your session with me.. and the only way I can do that is by getting you to open up a little bit and tell me what it is you’re looking for…

There are all types of phone sex, that men are looking for.. you have role play, mutual masturbation, fetish phone sex, GFE phone sex, and the list goes on and on.. and the great thing about phone sex is you can be anyone you want to be and be any where you want to be at!.. Its all about the fantasy and that is the key here.. so its a really great and helpful idea before you make that phone call to me, that you are true to yourself in what you are looking for.. I never judge, I promise if you are willing to open up with me, the fantasy you have in mind will be as close to reality as I can get it… Are you a shy guy and doesn’t feel like you can open up to me? That is fine too, shoot me an email, let me know what you are looking for or interested in experiencing with me.. this way you have it out of the way when you call me..
What is ‘good’ phone sex? Well in my opinion I think that men love to hear how excited I get, love to hear the buzzing of my vibe, when i am using on my pussy, or the tone in my voice when i am commanding them to perform for me, being very descriptive about what I am wearing, or what I am doing, it really depends on the type of call I am doing.. But I can tell you, that what turns me on MORE then any thing when I do my calls, and that is hearing the excitement in a mans breathing, his moaning, his panting, it never really is much of what he is saying, its more of what he isn’t saying but what he is feeling and doing, and I think that’s just super fucking hot!!! So if you are looking for the best experience you can have, having phone sex, please do keep in mind, while i think I am GREAT at what I do, I cant make it great for YOU if I don’t know what you are looking for, what turns you on, or what kinds of fun you are interested in trying out ;)

i look forward to hearing from you very soon!!



Thats Right!! I said it!!! Pink is not just for sissy boys and pantie sluts!!! Even some of the sexiest studds love wearing pink for me!!!

Are you man enough to embrace your inner diva and slip into some pink while stroking that hard cock of yours for Moi??!! (smiles) Or some sexy stockings and teasing and twisting those nipples?

I never could understand why so many judge about what others do to “feel good”… because as some of you know my moto is… “if it feels good… DO IT” lol…

so if you are ready to feel good…. whether it’s in panties, stockings, in the buff, or with your levi’s down around your knees… pick up the phone and lets just “DO IT”!!!




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Happy Halloween Boys!!! Below is a fun task i did with one of my little sluts over Halloween!!

This was going to be pushing it farther than ever before for my Mistress. I have met every challenge and command before and knew I had to do this for her. She wanted me to visit a theater with individual video booths and have some fun in there while she talked and listened. But there was a little catch. I was to go in dressed as a woman.
So I began shopping. It was a little before Halloween so it made it a little easier to get what I needed. I bought a wig, black skirt and blouse. I already had the thigh highs, panties and heels from previous play times. And I had to get a purse to carry since I was to take some of my toys in with me.
She told me I would have to find a public place to dress such as a restaurant restroom so I could walk out, get in my car and drive to the theater dressed like this. I found a lingerie store I had visited before and explained to the owner what I was doing. They were glad to let me use their dressing room. I was worried there would be other customers when I came out, but to my relief there were none.
The store was located in strip shopping center and I walked out of there and across the parking lot to my car quickly and nervously. Then I had to drive about 15 minutes to the theater, knowing all the other cars were looking at me and hoping I did not have a wreck. When I got to the theater I called Mistress and told her I was going in and would call her again soon. I had to walk about half a block from my car to the theater on a busy street. When I went in the clerk asked if he could help.
He then told me I was not allowed to into the booths dressed as a woman. So I had to go out and walk down the sidewalk to another place to check with them. They had no problem with it and I went into the booth area. I found one that was empty, went in, and turned on some porn and waited. I did not have to wait long.
There was a large hole between the booths and very soon there was someone next door looking in at me and pulling his cock out. I handed him a condom and when he stuck his cock through I began to suck it. Pretty soon he asked if he could come over which he did. I had Mistress on the phone and she was enjoying listening and wanted to talk to the visitor. She told him I was there as her cock sucking slut and he was very excited. When he was about to cum I was told to tell him to pull the condom off and jack off all over my cock and panties which he did.
After he left I continued to talk to Mistress and play with my cock. She then had me get some toys out and stick one in my ass and the other in my mouth and wait for someone else. Before too long there was another person next door. He saw me and pulled out his cock. I handed him a condom also and began to suck. He did not last long and he pulled the condom off as I put my face to the hole and he jacked off on my face.
Then it was back to playing with my cock and ass and waiting for someone else. I waited a while and no one else showed up and finally Mistress allowed me to cum in my panties. I then walked out and back down the sidewalk with cum on my face and a mixture of it in my panties. I had to drive that way a while before I found a place to change and clean up. Wow what a night of pleasing the most wonderful Goddess in the world, the one and only Mistress Kassie!!

As you instructed me, I had a very good stroke session at the 4th of July party.
Luckily, for me there were 2 bathrooms for use during the party, the second being the master bathroom.
I was also able to become reacquainted with an old friend on this one too.
The lady of the house uses Avon Skin-So-Soft Lotion and she had an ample supply on her bathroom vanity.
I quickly lubed up with the SOS Lotion and reminisced about teenage years and stroking my cock at a friend’s house after finding his mother’s SOS Lotion in their bathroom during a visit.
I used to really worked my cock over at the thought of his mother’s tits and more than a few times too because she always wore clorful shiney bikini tops during the summer months that showed her beautiful tits off and since they also owned a backyard swimming pool I was over there alot !
Back to the party My Mistress Kassie, this night though, I would lube up my cock for you.
I started slow as you instruct me and start whispering my chants for you. as I work the lotion into my pulsing cock and whip the head side to side as I have been taught.
I loose all track of time during my stroke session and I remember giggling a little at the complete loss of my senses as I work the cock for you My Mistress Kassie.
I don’t think that anyone even missed me since we were all drinking a little bit ….. lol.
Naturally after my discovery of the SOS Lotion, I found a baggie in the kitchen and later that evening, I slipped away again for my 2nd session and really had another explosive orgasm for My Mistress Kassie.
I also squeezed a little of that SOS Lotion into that baggie for home use later and I am still enjoying the SOS Lotion for now, but with my sessions as frequent as they are, I am quickly going through my supply though.
I must alternate my stroking lotions to keep from using the SOS Lotion up too quickly.
Once again, I am completely spent pleasing My Mistress Kassie while performing her instructions and I definitely look forward to my next assignment.
Your Little Jerk Off Boy Toy


Hello all you sexy boy toys!!!

I hope that this finds everyone having a great start to a extremely hot summer!!!  As some of you have seen we have a new and improved look to our website!!! So be sure you check it out and nose around… alot more pics, of each girl… and very kewl and fun chat room, more info about  me on my pages as well as my schedule that I try and follow pretty closely!!!  I am going to be heading to San Diego to meet up with a few of the girls from the Kingdom and really looking forward to it!! If everyone is able to make it, I will get to play naughty naughty with Teena, Candy, and possibly Melrose  as well!!! I am super ober excited!!! Can you just imagine all of use hotties out on the beach teasing and tormenting you poor men and then us hitting the night clubs after dark?! I will be gone from the 1st of June until the 5th so look for me then my sexy play toys!!


Anyway I have a ton of things to get done so be sure you check out the new look of  Kingdom at

and our new chat room on there as well!!




Yes he knows I love pink!! Pretty pink panties on my pussy boy!! And what a pantie slut he is, and loves to be for me!!! Playing with his cock thru his panties while telling Me his Mistr4ss how great it feels.. nothing like a true submissive that knows his place when dressed in his panties!!

Are you a closet pantie boy? Do you fantasize about what it would be like to be setting in meetings with MY sexy panties on? Or going shopping with me on the phone tellign the sexy hot sales girl what you are REALLY there for? To buy your own panties bc you are a pantie wearing slut? I bet your heart is racing at the mere though of such a type of shopping trip?

Want to push your limits of pantie wearing? call me and lets set it up~!

Mistress Kassie


13 May, 2011

My mistress kassie asked me to write a blog entry for her on being a sub.  I am a new subbie to Mistress and to me being her sub means to obey her in every way. It means to appreciate the attention that Mistress gives to you and not be ungreatful if she is to busy for you.   I never knew the kind of pleasure I would get from being owned and being used by Mistress would give me, I have to admit I love every second of submitting to her. I love being fucked by her wishing it was her strapon pounding me. I hope that I’m able to keep up with her demands and be her loyal slut.


Spoken like a true slut!!!

Mistress Kasasie


Hello my little naughty men!!!

As you can see I have a new pantie boy just dying for my attention and to be one of my devoted pantie wearing boy toys!!

he is working hard on being very devoted at being a good slut for me!! and I am excited in seeing where I can take him mentally on his journey with Me and his desire to serve and submit!!

Looking forward to pushing his limits and seeing just how serious he is about being a total serving panty boy for me!!!

Mistress to some … Sexy to ALL!



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